We only supply the finest hardwood logs for your Stove, Open Fire, Fire Pit, Pizza Oven

or even your Spa!


All of our Firewood is Kiln Dried to below 18% moisture

Whats the difference in the type of logs we sell?

Silver Birch 

Lights easily due to its paper like bark and gives off good heat with little smoke. Burns quicker than Oak or Ash as its not a dense. Ideal for Log Burners


Improved heat over Birch and has a delightful smell. Oak is in the mid price range and burns for long time. More suited to open fires due to its density. 


Some say Ash is the "wood of kings". Ash is a highly dense wood and it burns the longest and hottest. Ideal for Log Burners and Open Fires  


Not very well known but Hornbeam lights like Ash and last like Oak with a pleasant smell. Ideal for Log Burners and Open Fires