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Law Change – Seasoned Logs

From May 2021, as part of a Government clampdown on toxic air pollution new regulations come into force that will phase out the sale, distribution and marketing of certain solid fuels, including wet or damp wood.

Why is this happening?

This is happening because burning wet wood is dangerous to your health and extremely damaging for the environment.

You’ll still be able to buy wet wood but only over 2 cubic metres. You must then season it and insure the moisture content is below 20% before you burn it.

Damp wood produces extra smoke and significantly smaller smoke particles than Kiln Dried Firewood. These smaller particles can penetrate deep into the bloodstream and respiratory system, causing problems including asthma, strokes, breathing, heart and lung conditions.

The health of our customers is important, so we gratefully welcome the regulations.

We believe anything that can benefit the health of our customers, help the environment, ensure the consistency and quality of firewood across England can only be viewed in a positive manner.

We are proud members of the Woodsure Ready to Burn Scheme, so do not need to make any changes to the products we offer. All our wood is Kiln Dried  and has a moisture content of less than 20%.

Benefits of Kiln Dried Firewood

Safe for your health – Because it creates less smoke and does not generate the dangerous tiny particles that can enter the blood stream.

Better for the environment – Wet wood and coal contribute to 38% of PM2.5 pollution in the UK which is more than road transport and industry combined.

Safer to burn – In addition to being less polluting, premium kiln dried wood like ours burns more cleanly and produces less smoke than wet wood so your chimney is less likely to clog up and cause a fire. Your chimney will not need to be swept as often.

Burns hotter, longer and more efficiently – As you would expect it is more difficult to start a fire with wet wood as all the water needs to heat up before the wood will burn.

Better all-round experience – When burning our premium kiln dried wood, you can relax around a glowing hot fire rather than listening to the sizzling sound of wet wood steaming.  

Less cleaning – Less smoke will be created, so the glass on your wood burner or stove will stay clean, as will your chimney.

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