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New Products

We have a limited supply of these products for Customers to try

These are trial products but if enough Customers like them, then we'll stock them

What do we have.....

Log Boxes

Perfect for Holiday Lets, Camping or the Beach

If you have a Holiday Let which has a Fire Pit, Log Burner, Pizza Oven or Wood Fired Hot tub then this is the perfect welcome box for your guests.

Also ideal to take Camping or to the Beach* and comes with Kindling and Eco Firelighters

Olive Wood

Olive wood is a perfect wood for Mediterranean flavoured food. Adding olive wood to your fire will give you an infusion of intense Mediterranean flavour and smell. Once the wood is smoking it will give you a sweet smell and provide incredible heat.

Pizza Logs

Pizza Logs are thin cut to give maximum heat quickly!

Kiln Dried mix of Silver Birch and Ash hardwood provide outstanding heat whilst cooking and create red hot coals.

Perfect for small portable Pizza Ovens or large permanent Ovens.​

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

* Check location for restrictions on fires!

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