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Olive Wood in Nets

Olive Wood in Nets


Olive wood is a perfect wood for Mediterranean flavoured food. Adding olive wood to your fire will give you an infusion of intense Mediterranean flavour and smell. Once the wood is smoking it will give you a sweet smell and provide incredible heat.


Olive wood burns for an incredible amount of time giving you an aroma which is sweet. The grain is very tight together which means it burns slow and hot.


The wood can be used in fire pits, bbq’s, chimineas, pizza ovens and smokers. This olive wood produces a nice amount of smoke, so there is no need to wet the wood prior to using it for your smoking.


Olive wood is derived from the Olive tree, a small, fruit-bearing tree found in much of the Mediterranean and Africa. Olive trees have thick, irregular tree trunks and knotted branches, which makes some interesting shaped pieces of wood. Its great to mix into your lump wood charcoal when cooking.


People who like cooking with wood should try this.


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