Free Wood - Hornbeam - 10 Nets

Free Wood - Hornbeam - 10 Nets




These logs are well below our standard and we will not sell them. 


Instead, you can have the wood for free but we ask that you pay for delivery at £1 per mile from Post Code PL27 7SJ for 10 nets.


They have been Kiln Dried however they were resting up against a metal sheet and this has caused a reaction. Some of the logs are showing a greenish mold. They are running at a moisture of between 10% and 22% and showing some mould. They will require some more drying.


The logs are Hornbeam, split and in nets.


Use Google Maps to estimate your mileage (from PL27 7SJ) and enter it as your quantity, if you get it wrong, don't worry we can adjust the sum for you and send you an invoice.


Sold as per description, no refunds AND WE ONLY HAVE 90 NETS!

Out of Stock